Public Transportation

A Safe Transit Experience from Start to Finish

Every public transportation agency recognizes the importance of a safe environment for its employees and the traveling public. Whether it is an airplane, bus, train, transit center, or maintenance depot, everyone expects and deserves a safe working environment and travel experience.

Millions of people rely on public transportation each day. Salus Product Group’s disinfectants and mist/sprayers equip agencies to efficiently and effectively maintain the cleanliness of their fleets and facilities. As their size and layout will vary, our solutions are versatile.

These are just some of the potential use cases:

  •  Airports
  •  Airplanes
  •  Buses
  •  Trains
  •  Trolleys
  •  Trams
  •  Ferries
  •  Rapid Transit
  •  Terminals
  •  Bathrooms
  •  Depots
  •  Large common areas
These transportation modes run on schedules that often allow little or no time for preventive sanitization measures. You can apply our disinfectants in far less time than most people spend waiting to depart for their destination.


We have combined patented disinfectants with state-of-the-art mist/sprayers to create a total surface disinfectant solution. Your crew members can apply our disinfectants anywhere in minutes.

There is nothing to mix and or to wipe surfaces after applying.


Our disinfectants have the EPA’s lowest toxicity rating: Category IV-approved. They contain no harsh irritants or corrosive chemicals so there is little to no risk of damage or injury from exposure.


Operate with confidence, knowing you are protecting everyone from those who treat the area to those who occupy it afterward.

Our disinfectants offer:
  •  A contact efficacy time of less than a minute for most viruses and bacteria
  • 24-hour Residual Protection

The right mist/sprayer for any job

We have combined patented disinfectants with state-of-the-art mist/sprayers to create a total disinfectant solution.

Our family of disinfectant mist/sprayers come in a range of sizes to accommodate any sized public transportation setting:
  •  Battery Operated Handheld Units
  •  Battery Operated Backpack Units
  •  High Capacity Corded Units

Protect Yourself From Viruses and Bacteria