Don’t Stop Cleaning and Disinfecting…

Don’t Stop Cleaning and Disinfecting…

Post COVID Takeaways

After 2 long years of fear and mandates, everyone is looking to go back to the way things were before COVID.  However, the one thing COVID taught us, is that we were grossly unprepared when it came to Cleaning and Disinfecting Practices.

First and foremost, we were reminded that regular cleaning and disinfecting is the best defense for a healthy work environment.  Routine cleaning and disinfecting are needed to keep homes, schools, offices, businesses, restaurants, stores, and modes of transportation safe places to occupy.   But as mentioned in a previous blog post, cleaning and disinfecting are not the same thing.  Cleaning removes dirt and virus particles that are on surfaces, but it does not kill viruses.  Dirt is often visible; viruses are not, so it is important to disinfect after cleaning to kill any viruses or bacteria that remain on surfaces.  When disinfecting it is always important to use a product that is on the EPA List N.

Secondly, we became grossly aware that not all cleaning products are safe.  The majority of brand named cleaning agents have harsh chemicals and irritants and can be harmful if there is mishandling or overexposure to the chemicals.  Even naturally occurring chemicals can be harmful for the same reasons; too much water can cause a life-threatening condition called hyponatremia and too much oxygen can cause oxygen toxicity.  To make your cleaning and disinfecting process safer, use fewer products, read labels, and buy products that fully disclose their ingredients.  Use only what is necessary for the task at hand.  Use a non-toxic products with no phosphates, ammonia, bleach, or VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds).

Whether cleaning and/or disinfecting use products that eliminate dangerous pathogens but do not put you at risk of being exposed to harmful chemicals and irritants which can cause allergies, asthma, and potentially lead to other harmful long term health effects.  Products like PURE® Multi-Purpose and Floor Cleaner and PURE® Hard Surface Disinfectant do just that.  Powered by a patented Silver Dihydrogen Citrate (SDC) Molecule, they safely and effectively deliver broad spectrum power to clean and eliminate dangerous pathogens in a wide range of environments.

Invest in the Health and Safety of Your Community

And remember, always use products as directed!


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