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      The Salus Advantage

      Businesses, organizations, and agencies know maintaining a healthy environment is an absolute must. Our customers, colleagues, communities, and families depend on us to provide effective and practical solutions, and we here at Salus Product Group strive to meet those expectations.

      We have brought together patented disinfectants and state-of-the-art mist sprayers, creating a total surface disinfectant solution.

      Here are just of few of the many Industries, Agencies and Organizations that can take advantage of the Salus Advantage:

      • Public Transportation
      • Public Safety
      • Education
      • Daycare Centers
      • Hospitals
      • Medical Office
      • Long-Term Healthcare Facilities
      • Fitness Centers
      • Restaurants/Hotels
      • Taxi/Limousine Services
      • Freight Transportation
      • Commercial and Industrial Buildings

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